Sharam Masala OUT NOW!


According to a study, conducted as recently as this morning, Sharam Masala’s Hip Hop-meets-Prog-rock-meets-electronica debut, clairvoyantly called Greatest Hits, is the best thing since vinegar flavoured ice cream.

Rappers Xcpt. (never won a spelling bee.) and A La Moksh (who?) strut jauntily onto No Hero a.k.a (No Friends Either)’s sonic landscape and proceed to dig up the flower bed.

We’ll shut up now.
Enjoy the album.

The Name 

Dec 4th, 2015, Bengaluru. In a cab, on the way to NH7 Weekender. “Spice Girls! We should have a name like Spice Girls!”

“Ok, uh… Masala Boys?”

“Hahahaha…. Garam Masala?”

“Sh- Sharam Masala?”

“Woah…… Yeah…….. Yeah. Done.”


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Irrelevant – BUY/STREAM

Owing to the perils of an inevitable learning curve, the turmoils of hyper-DIY head-spaces, and the sheer joy/arrogance of an ‘independent’ artist, Irrelevant attempts to salvage some of the curated musical outputs of “Bare Witness” and “Un-Own”, the first 2 adolescent albums released in the first couple o’ year of No Hero’s inception. Featuring also some works-in-progress snippets indicative of upcoming directions!