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XYZ [Update]


The hours in the studio are ticking away steadily brining with them progress – i am currently mostly focussed on developing lead and melodic ideas over the tracks before spending any more time finishing the structures and nuances. The track names in this illustration are the working titles except for “the simpleton” which is a variation of a collaboration i did with (SIC)RA aka. Manas Ullas. The character was created at the Hero Machine website and then edited further on photoshop. I also did a glitchy phone edit on the insta page.

The overall sound is fairly ethereal and quite future-tech-esq tone lead by delay riddled electric guitar melodies. i am experimenting with using repetition as a more aggressive tool, but hopefully not overkill it. i am also trying to consider the growth of the tracks as a i perform them live either as backing tracks and surely eventually evolve them into live electronica sets. i am also trying to learn to make better conversation, can you help me by sharing how you start a conversation?

Simultaneously I am working on an Alt.HipHop album with rappers Xcpt. & A La Moksh that will be premiering every Saturday of April!


∴ IN STUDIO 2017 ∴

Please stay connected via Social Media while No Hero traverses down the rabbit hole seeking out the sounds and syllables for the next full length album currently called “XYZ”. If you wish to show your support for No Hero in anyway, please use one of the social media platforms of your choice to reach out!

Coming Soon is also an EP ‘Irrelevant’ which will feature re-masters from “Bare Witness (2015)”, “Un-Own(2016)” and also some bootleg tracks that currently live only in a grim 2TB hard-drive.

No Hero also pledges to go LIVE this year and wishes and hopes to see you at a venue near you! Expect both solo live looping & electronica arrangements AND full band set ups!